Dark Maroon Fake Nail

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This is a set of 24 pcs pre-designed Fake nail
Size : refer image

Material : PVC

Note : Due to different monitors and light effects, the actual color may be slightly different from the color of the image.

Package : 

24tips nail cover + 2g glue

Free gift (refer image)

How to use fake nails

1. Wash your hands, remove nail polish, nail glue, or other substances that are still stuck to the nail.

2. If your real nails are long, cut and file the corner.

3. Choose a suitable size of fake nails.

4. After choosing, directly attach the fake nails to the nails using the glue / nail sticker.

5. You can cut off excess nails with scissors / nail clipper. You can shape off excess nails with nail shapen given.

6. If you want to take it off, just take it off using the wood stick given.

7. If you do not use using the glue, just use nail sticker.

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