There is a saying that goes like this, “Jewelry is a girl’s best friend” and all ladies in this world would have agreed on this. There will never be enough of clothes and accessories in every girl’s wardrobe. If given a chance, we all would like to have a walk-in wardrobe twice as big as our bedroom, don’t we? At Aisha Wong Accessories, we aspired to be one of the leading accessories providers to all trendy and yet fashionable ladies in Malaysia at affordable price range.


Named after owner’s real name, Aisha Wong Accessories is a one-stop retail/wholesale shop solution for all your accessories needs. Aisha’s love and passion towards accessories started way back when she was 7 years old, where she would bring her mother’s unused earrings to the school and made some profit out from there. Being able to gain supports from her parents were one of the major factors that aspire Aisha to venture into fashion business in her adulthood, and that is how the brand was founded.

Fashion industry is an ever-changing industry as we all know. Aisha had involved herself very much in every trend throughout these years but would like to focus on offering S925-made earrings in 2020. The reason behind? Simple. S925 is alloy-plated or copper which is suitable for all skin types including those who are prone to allergies.

Good reputation had gained Aisha a large if not an established crowd of satisfying customers. At Aisha Wong Accessories, most customers would always return to purchase more due to its wide array of designs that are tailored to every customer for different occasions and their daily vanity and grooming. Be it stylish yet casual that we use on a daily basis, or a slightly more over-the-top design to sparkle your way into the room – Aisha Wong Accessories is the place to be.