Found a perfect ring but wasn't sure your ring size? Most of our copper based ring is adjustable so it wouldn't be an issue if you're wearing standard size. However for our stainless steel ring, most of them come with size so it will fit your perfectly!

You will need ruler, thread, marker. First, wrap the thread around your finger but not too tight coz if it's too tight the measurement will be inaccurate. Mark the spot where the thread meet then cut the thread. Then, simply measure the string in millimetre and note how many millimetre it took to wrap the measuring tape around your finger.

The other way you can measure your ring size is take out any ring that you have on top of ruler, read the inner diameter and compare your millimetre reading to our ring size chart to find your perfect ring size. If you have in between size, I would suggest you to take bigger size. Please make sure you body is on normal temperature whenever you measure the ring - finger can shrink and expand when in heat.

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Our ring sizes are based on USA measurement.*

 ring measurement guide

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